Win a $1,000 Christmas Gift Card for You and a Friend!

Experience the joy of giving & receiving!
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WayFM's Great Christmas Gift-Away

Christmas should be fun, but we know the stress that can come from preparing for it. That's why we want to help give you a jump start on your 2021 Christmas by experiencing the joy of winning a prize and the excitement of helping a friend.

You can win a $1,000 AmEx gift card and we're also going to give you a second $1,000 gift card that you can give a friend in need. The joy of giving is often greater than receiving, and we want to help you make someone's season a little bit brighter.

1. Listen

Listen to WayFM however you'd like: radio, WayFM app, smart speaker, web browser or iHeart.

2. Hear

Hear a different keyword every hour on the hour, from 7a – 7p. (September 13–October 22, 2021)

3. Text

Text that hour's keyword to 91979 to be entered into that day's drawing for two $1,000 gift cards.

WayFM's Great Christmas Gift-Away

Kenzy Was a Winner!!

WayFM's Great Christmas Gift-Away

There's a New Winner Every Weekday

"This means a lot because my dad is losing his job at the end of the month. This is totally a blessing from God."


"I lost my home and everything I own in a tornado last year. This is going to help so much!" 


“I have a friend here at work, she and her husband are going through a really hard time, and he's not working. It'll be really useful for her. I mean, I'm excited for me, but I'm excited for her."